Day-Hostlers and Day-Scholars will not be taken out from the school during the session. Only in special circumtances (i.e, transfer case, their parents are settled in another city) T.C. will be issued. For this parents have to apply before 1 month.

If the students wants to withdraw in any special circumstances then they have to apply for it in the month of April. If the reason is satisfactory or genuine only then he/she can leave the school. The school management has the authority that, it can dismiss any student, at any time from the school. It is not necessary to give reason for the dismissal of the student. If the student, who fails twice in the same class in Anuual Examination shall not be admitted for next session in same class.
School leaving certificate will be issued after depositing Rs. 200. But if any kind of dues are not clear or pending then the school leaving certificate will not be issued. T.C. will be given only after all balances get cleared.

Those students who passed out from Rising Public School, are requrested to register their name as permanent ex-student, for the membership of “Ex-student association on the contribution of 1000 Rs. for the financial support of the coming students.


1. Leave can be sanctioned to the Hostlers in some specific conditions. (i.e. the marriage of real brother or sister, illness of parents or death of any close relative.) It will be compulsory for the students that they should be present in the school just after the sactioned leave, other wise their name will struck off from the school register. Re-admission will be given after depositing 3000 Rs. as a re-admission fees.

2. It is compulsory to take the hostlers back to their home during these holidays. i.e., on Rakshabandhan, Deepawali, winter vacations, Holi and Summer Vacation.
The time for leaving the students in school and to take the students from school is from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. After or before this time neither we will leave them nor we will take them. So it is compulsory for the parents to come for receiveing their wards from school hostel in due time.
The mother and father can only authorise to take their ward from hostel or they can authorise any other person by a personal introduction and by giving the written authority letter with their photographs and specimen signature.

3.Day-Hostlers and Day-Scholars should be regular in school at any cost. Leave can be sanctioned only in special circumstances or in emergency. After their leave they will have to come in the school. Their name will be struck off if they fail to present in the school in due time. Re-admission will be consider after depositing 2000 Rs. as a re-admission fee for Day-Hostlers and 1000 Rs. for Day Scholars.

4. Day-Hostlers and Day-Scholars should not be absent from school more than 1 day without sanctioning the leave. It is compulsory to bring the application next day by showing the actual cause of absence.

5. The school generally consider central government holidays. But some state government holidays are also given. Besides these holidays, if there will be any other holiday written information will be given to the students. Other holidays will not be considered.

6.If the child’s attendence is less than 80% then they can not be allowed to attend the examination.


After taking the permission of the Principal in advance parents can meet with their Hostlers twice in a month. i.e., 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Besides these days parents are not allowed to meet with their children on any other day or time.
Parents can talk with their children on phone only 1st & 3rd Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.. Besides these days parents are not allowed to talk to their children on any other day or time.
Only those 3 persons can meet with the hostlers whose names are mentioned in the application form. Besides these 3 persons, no one can meet with the hostlers. If he/she wants to meet the hostlers then he/she will have to come with the parents of the Hostlers or with one of the person who is mentioned in the application.

DISCIPLINERising Public School Principal

The school develops the healthy tradition of discipline among the students. Many virtues are develop by discipline, such as; responsibility, co-operation, efforts and leadership.
If any student disturbs the environment of the school, does not follow the rules, deceives others, and try to revolt or found in any in disciplinary activities will be punished. Punishment is not corporal or mental. Either he/she will be suspended or not allowed to enter in the examination. Discipline is the most important part of ‘Rising Public School’.
If the students are found, involved in any wrong activity or disturbs the discipline they may be suspended from the school. So in that case the descision of the school will be final and accepted by all.
School will not be responsible, if any student gets injured accidently during any kind of training, tour programmes or any other activities.


School buses are available for Day-Hostlers and Day-Scholars from every part of the city.
Hostlers :- Parents of Hostlers will have to arrange their own conveyance for leaving their children in the school and for taking their children from school.


There are some rules and regulations for the students studying in Hostel, Day-Hostel and Day-scholar system, which are compulsory to be followed by the students and their parents. The essential rules and regulations are given below :-

1. Students have to come with all articles given in the article list. After depositing all articles in school it is compulsory to take back 1 copy of article list. Every article should be new and of good quality. Old and bad quality article will not be received. After depositing all the articles, students can join the Hostel. It is not possible to allow the joining in hostel without articles or incomplete articles. So, please come with all articles to join the hostel.

2. It is compulsory to take the hostler back to home five times in a year, i.e., on Rakshabandhan, Deepawali, winter vacation, Holi and Summer Vacation. It is compulsory to take them from school and leave them in school at given proper time. Otherwise you should pay 100/- Rs. per day fine which is valid upto 5 days and from 6th day the admission of students will be cancelled and for re-admission, you should pay 3000 Rs. as a re-admission fee.

3. The time for leaving the students in school and to take students from school is from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.. After or before this time neither we will leave them nor we will take them.

4. The school arranges an adventurous and educational trip once a year and it is compulsory for the Hostlers to join it. And the expenses of the trip will be made by the parents.

5. If your child goes out of station for participating in any type of Exam’s & competitions then the exam’s fee and whole expenses of the visit will be given by the parents.

6. The birthday of your child will be celebrated in school. For this you have to deposit the birthday expenses Rs. 1000/-.

7. Generally we give every type of food to the students So there is no need to send any type of food for them. But if you would like to give them some food then you can only send fruits, dry fruits and biscuits (Parle or Britania). Except these any other type of food will not be accepted.

8. Each and every time hostel warden looks after the students but during school time the student’s freely move from one building to another building. We try to give a familiar environment to the students and not like a ‘jail’ still if any student leave the Hostel without permission, then the school will not be responsible.
So if your child is fully agreed to stay in the hostel only then take admission in hostel.

9. Generally we don’t give any home work to the Day-Hostlers we send the student’s bag on saturday. So you can check their work of the whole week and after checking it, it is compulsory to send their bag on Monday.

10. When the students take their bag back home, then please take care of their whole material and send them as it is back to the school carefully.

11. Please pay your special attention on that, the promise made by the school for all round development of Day-Hostlers can only be possible when the student will come to school regularly. So please send your child to school regularly.

12. “Weak and unhealthy mind can never become a good student”. So for the good health of children, they are medically checked up every month in school. So please arrange the medicine, vaccination written by the doctor. So that your child remain healthy.

13. For all round development of your child, we give them project work, seminar work etc. for doing it in home. So please co-operate them by bringing essential material for the completion of the project.

14. It is compulsory to send your children in school with neat and clean with well-ironed uniform.

 15. Because the Day-Scholars spend only 5-6 hours in the school and 17-18 hours in home. So the development of day-Scholar can only be possible when parents send them to school with complete homework given by the school and arrange a good English Medium tution for them.

16. It is compulsory for all students to take part in all school functions.

17. Parents are requested to send their child regularly and punctually in school, otherwise the students will not be allowed to enter in the school.

18. Don’t beat your children black and blue and attract their attention towards their study with love and affection.

19. Don’t send your child in the school in case of illness. Take leave and submit sick-leave certificate.

20. It is requested to the parents that they attend the school’s function and Result distribution day to encourage their child.

21. Parents can give their written suggestions for the development of the school. If any mistake is done by the school, then they can inform the principal in written. For this co-operation, the school will be thankful to you.

22. It is requested to the parents that they must come in school atleast once in a month to know about the progress of their child. They can contact twice in a week i.e., on Tuesday and Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

23. We organise a “Parents-Meeting” once in a year. So the parents are requested to attend this meeting.