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“Rising Public School” is the only boarding school which gives the three kinds of facilities i.e., Hostel, Day-Hostel and Day-Scholar, for developing and protecting the talents of the students.


Apart from Gwalior city, dist., Tehsil, Block and village level has not any scope of educational development. So the talent of these place get frustrated and destroyed. So the Rising Public School gives hostel facility for both boys and girls to protect and encourage their talent. Best Day Hostel | Day Scholar School | Best Hostel School
Facilities of separate hostels for both boys and girls are also available in this school. In hostel system admission is given to boys and girls up to age of 5 to 17 years in class 1st to 12th.
Admission can be given to those students of Gwalior City who face any adverse conditions and it is necessary for them to live in Hostel.


“For your children the metropolitan city’s Educational system in Gwalior”

Day Scholar School | Best Hostel School | Best Day Hostel

Because of high competition it become necessary to do job for both husband and wife. It is also necessary to do day and night hard work for businessman, Industrialist, Doctors, Engineers, Govt. and Private Servant. Therefore it is difficult for them to save enough time to make future of their child, because of this all round development of their child either not done or insufficient.
So its badly feel requirement of such types institution which take full responsibility of educational, mental, physical and cultural development of their child, Educational institution of metropolitan cities i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai felt this difficulty and start a new educational system, That is Day-hostel system.
In Gwalior, first of all Rising Public School started this system. Children get high education in English medium. The student in this system stay in school from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. They get education in beautiful, joyful and peaceful natural environment.Best Hotel School
In this system the school provides to students their breakfast and lunch and also arrange special tuition facility. In this tuition time, we try to remove the basic weaknesses of the students and try to improve the capacity and capability of the students. Students also complete their home-work in this tuition time. Bags are kept in school. In this system school is fully responsible for the all round development of students i.e. educational, mental, physical, cultural and social development.
In this arrangement the students and their parents remain tension free. Joyful and loveliest atmosphere develop between them. So, the day-hostel system is an ideal system for working and busy couple which is provided by Rising Public School in Gwalior.

Best Day Hostel School


The children who get healthy atmosphere in their home as well as in their neighbour, their parents are well-educated and devote enough time for the development of their child or the students who get proper tution of English medium. Such students are given Day-Scholar facility. In this system the students stay in school during school hours i.e. from 7.00 am. to 1.00 pm. Here they get higher education in English medium. School gives full attention for the development of these students too. But these students spend more time in their home. So the School and their parents are equally responsible for all around development of these children.
In this system, students are also given admission from Nursery to 12th.


The School is having well-equipped three boys and one girls hostels. Each house has one warden and two matrons. They are emotionally attached with the students and fulfil even their smallest necessity. All staff provides generous environment to the students. Regular inspection is done by the principal of the school. Special attention is paid, so the good and healthy atmosphere is given to the students. So the students and small kids feel hostel life as their own house even they don’t feel the absense of their parents.
All the work related with the students like laundry work, taking care of their bedding & their articles, cleaning of hostel are done by the hostel staff. Fruits, milk, sweets and other seasonal things are also provided to the students along with breakfast, lunch, evening refreshment and dinner. Daily menu is prepared by the Principal and the hostel warden according to student’s interest, where in special attention is given that the diet should be hygenic and balanced, which fulfill the physical and mental necessity of students. Food is completely prepared according to Indian culture, way of taking food is also like Indian culture.
School has its own doctor, who is always available 24 hours and who examines the health of the students time to time. To keep the students healthy, he measured their height and weight. And also keep in mind that the students should not be over weight or underweight. For this, doctor decides their daily balanced diet, to make them healthy.
The school provides the medicines prescribed by the doctor, when the students fall ill. But if the doctor prescribes some other test and the consultation of the specialist, then the expenses are borne by the parents of the students.
Facility of modern toys, Computer, Video games, T.V. etc. are available for the re-creation of the children. For improving I.Q. level of the students, library is also available, where in all kinds of educational and recreative books and magazines are available.
Hostler’s are regularly given 3 to 4 hours tution to remove the basic weakness and to increase the capacity and capability of the students. As such home work also gets completed during tution time. So the students do not get any kind of mental stress. And they develop their interest in study. So their all round development is possible.