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Along with teaching, students are given compulsory training. In this training students learn awareness and sensitivity to their environment. Concentration, discipline and Self-Confidence are developed to make their all round development. Following subjects are taught under these head. :-
Art :- Painting, Drawing and Photography
Music and Dance :- Instrumental, Vocal music and Dancing.Best Hostel School | Day Scholar School | Best Day Hostel
Craft (Handwork) :- Wood Work, Paper Work, Mud work, Sewing & Needle work etc.
Administration & Behaviour :- Education of Administration and Behaviour is given to the students.
Physical Labour :- To make the students self-dependent, Physical labour is performed.
House-hold Activity and cooking Training :- House hold Activity and cooking training are given.
First-Aid Training :- First-Aid training is given to the students.
Cultural and Educational Tour:- Cultural, Educational and Re-creative tours are also conducted.


The school has its own playground and all the facilities of games. For developing physical strength feelings of co-operation and sacrifice, different types of games are played. The training / coaching of athletics and other games like football, Tennis, Lawn-Tennis, Ring, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi is also given here.
Training of Tai-Qundo, Kashu, Kung-fu is also given to the students for self-defence. Small kids of Nursery group are taught with the help of modern toys, puzzles and video-games. Regular training of exercise, P.T. Parade and Athletics is also given.

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