The aim of this institution is to develop the personality and talent of the students. infusing them into Indian culture.Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar
For the fulfilment of this aim the works of the school can be divided into five parts, as;

The school runs Nursery to 12th Class in English medium for boys and girls. All the classes from Nursery to Class 12th, are divided into 5 groups, as ;
Nursery Group :- Nursery, L.K.G. and U.K.G.
Primary Group :- From Class 1st to 5th
Middle Group :- From Class 6th to 8th
High School Group :- Class 9th and 10th
Higher Secondary Group :- Class 11th and 12th
Therefore, those students who got admission, they need not to go anywhere up to 12th class.Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar
After having passed their intermediate examination, the school conducts coaching and help the students for admission in good colleges of all India level.
This school is an English medium school. So all subjects are taught only in English. Hindi and Sanskrit are taught as a subject. We try our best to give the students perfect knowledge of English as well as Hindi. General knowledge and computer science are also taught as compulsory subjects.
The school conducts following exams in a year.Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar
I & II Unit Exam, Half-Yearly Exam, Pre-Board Exam & Annual Exam.

All these exams are equally important for final result. 40% marks are compulsory for passing in final result.
During the teaching time, the highly qualified, skilled, experienced talented and generous teachers specially follow the following new technical points :-
To understand child’s psychology and mould them according to their nature.Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar
To find out children’s interest by highly modern scientific method and to develop them accordingly.
To enhance personality and talent of the students, we give higher education in English medium by infusing them Indian culture.
To make the children skilled, cultured and obedient, we develop thefeelings of self-confidence, self-dependence and discipline in the students.

The all round development of the students can be done by following Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholarabove techniques. That’s why even the weakest student can progress.

Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar
Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar Hostel, Day-Hostel & Day-Scholar